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tapa de alcantarilla smc

Fatigue Resistance Test Method to SMC Manhole Top

Fatigue Resistance Test Method to SMC Manhole Top

  • 2021/03/23

About resistance to fatigue

According to EN 124-5: 2015(E)

Complete manhole tops or gully tops that have not previously been subjected to a load test shall be tested in accordance with the test equipment described in EN 124-1:2015, Annex A, with the test load and the number of cycles given in Table 4. A suitable apparatus which is capable of receiving the manhole top and applying a cyclic load to the geometric centre of the manhole top or gully top shall be used for the test. The test block shall be in accordance with EN 124-1:2015, Annex A.

The cyclic fatigue test load Ff Shall be applied at the appropriate rate and upon reaching the test load it shall be immediately released at the same rate before starting immediately the following cycle.

Table 4 -- Number of cycles for fatigue test


Number of cycles

Cyclic fatigue test load Ff         kN

Load Application rate kN/s


10 000




100 000




100 000               500 000

136                   120

70±20              60±20

Test conditions for class D 400 can be used either or. They both refer to the same stress level. The conditions are selected by the manufacturer.

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